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We have been in practice since 1966, and in that time have successfully defended thousands of drivers accused of drink driving.

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Drink Driving Lawyers in Sydney and Parramatta

If you have been ‘busted’ for drink driving or any traffic offence and life with a criminal record and without a licence is going to be difficult.

Our drink driving lawyers, traffic offence experts and accredited specialist are available now for your call. We provide urgent criminal legal advice 24/7 for drink driving charges including  high range PCA, mid range PCA, low range PCA, DUI and refuse breath analysis.

We represent people in courts all over Sydney and Parramatta.

How We Will Help You With A Drink Driving Charge

Let’s face it, without your Drivers Licence you might be one of the many people that loses their job, has to contend with public transport or the lack of it, spends hard earned money on taxis, rides a bike everywhere, walks or stays at home.

If living without a licence is an awful thought, then come and see one of our drink driving solicitors to discuss your problem. Your first conference is free*. We have drink driving lawyers and expert traffic lawyers who lecture at the Traffic Offender Intervention Program and have done so for many years.

We have drink driving lawyers who are experts that know how to challenge police radar, police lidar, RTA speed cameras, breathalyzer readings. We can tell you if the blood alcohol concentration reading was accurate, or whether the charge could be downgraded from high range to mid range, or from mid range to low range or from low range to demonstrating that you did not commit an offence at all.

We have defended and acted for people charged with suspended driving, disqualified driving, high range drink driving, mid range drink driving, low range drink driving, novice range drink driving (P platers) and special range drink driving (professional drivers and taxi drivers) and much more.

In addition to defending people, we also assist with those who have a guilty plea for the offences listed above as well as PCA, DUI (driving under the influence), dangerous driving, negligent driving, dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm, unlicenced driving, fail to stop, burnout, street racing and in fact any traffic offence and any criminal offence.

This firm developed defences to the speed camera matters involving the Lane Cove Tunnel, King Georges Road, Avoca Street, Randwick and Bunnerong Road, Pagewood sites which resulted in more than 10,000 infringement notices being withdrawn!

Nyman Gibson Miralis will do everything possible to get you the best result at Court, to avoid disqualification if possible and to minimize the fines or sentence as best we can. We might even be able to assist you in avoiding a conviction! We will give you advice regarding character references, Interlock Device, the Habitual Offender Declaration, whether you would benefit from having a pharmacological report and lots more.

Your drink driving lawyer will explain the penalties that apply and the potential outcomes of your case as well as the costs involved. We can advise about RMS demerit points, good behaviour licences, and licence appeals.

There is no substitute for experience so make sure that you are represented by one of our expert solicitors. Our specialists are all rounders – so whether you are looking for a drink driving lawyer, drug driving lawyer, traffic specialist, criminal defence lawyer, local court lawyer, licence appeal lawyer, or drink driving specialist – you are at the right place.

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There are many solicitors that claim to be specialists. Only an accredited specialist has the backing of the NSW Law Society. Contact our specialists right now.

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Drink Driving Client Testimonial:

In your recent statement including the final invoice for the matters before the District Court hearing, you stated that the outcome was excellent. I agree. To you, I would like to express my gratitude for the confidence you displayed in my case from the start. Although the result in the North Sydney Magistrate’s Court was not great, you immediately urged me to appeal to the District court and obtained a very favourable outcome. For this judgment of yours, I will be forever grateful.Thanks for the confidence you expressed in my case from the outset and for assisting with the excellent outcome. I wish you well in your future endeavours before the bench.
TN, Sydney

PCA Client Testimonial:

My wife and I would like to thank you for your help with the mid range PCA charge at the Downing Centre yesterday. The professionalism you showed me at our first meeting gave me the confidence I was in the right hands, at a time when I most needed it as my world came crashing down. Thank you for your direction and your efforts in getting the correct information and material prepared for the court day.
AB, Parramatta
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