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At Nyman Gibson Miralis, we provide urgent criminal legal advice for all traffic offences, especially drink driving. Our drink driving lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your call. We have convenient offices in Sydney and Parramatta. We are specialists in criminal law, which includes our expertise in drink driving (PCA Low, Mid and High Range, DUI) and traffic offences. Our lawyers can deal with any type of infringement notice, police charge, court attendance notice, or RMS. CALL US IMMEDIATELY - 24 hours 7 days if you or someone that you know:
  • Is in trouble with the police and needs urgent legal advice
  • Is in custody and needs an urgent bail application, such as on weekends or is to appear the next day in Court
  • Has been contacted by police under suspicion or for questioning
  • Has a Search Warrant being executed
  • Has been charged by police with a traffic matter, drink driving matter, drug charges or criminal charges
  • Wants urgent legal advice about possible police action